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     Our planet has been in need of a new World Calendar long ago.  However, the creation and further putting into practice of such a calendar is being delayed owing to the wrong interpretation of  the concept лThe World Calendar╗ and accordingly the questions connected with:

а            -   natural solar and lunar cycles, 

             -   calendar solar and lunar cycles,

  аа         -   industrial cycles (work Ц rest,  monthly plans of the enterprises etc.),

     аааааа  - а biorhythms of fauna and flora.

     The simplest prototypes of a new World Dual Calendar are the state calendars of Israel or UAE, Saudi Arabia etc: the solar (seasonal) + lunar (lunar-solar) calendars acting simultaneously.   

    The offered World Dual PETIN-METON Calendar unites 2 calendars: solar (seasonal) + lunar-solar calendars (for example, the Calendar 2008 -

аhttp://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/DualCalendar2008-A.htmа аа).

    The solar (Gregorian) calendar corresponds to natural solar cycles, i.e. the revolutions of the Earth around of the Sun (the control points - Southern solstices), see the Table 1 of the Enclosureа - http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/table1.htmааа .

    The lunar-solar calendar corresponds to natural lunar cycles, i.e. the revolutions of the Moon around of the Earth (the control points - solar eclipses), see the Table 3 of the Enclosureа Ца http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/table3.htmаааа .

    The solar + lunar-solar calendars have the common industrial month structures: 7+8+7+8=30 and 7+8+7+7=29 days, appropriate to phases of natural lunar cycles. Standard for today (but, unfortunately, erroneous) 7-day week does not reflect a natural lunar cycle in working calendars and it practically retards the realization of the World Calendar reform.

    Besides the distinctive feature of the World Dual PETIN-METON Calendar is "the attachment" of time cycles (6479 solar years) to the concrete natural astronomical phenomena (Southern solstices and solar eclipses) instead of use of various myths and legends.


    The World Dual PETIN-METON Calendar is organized in such a manner that the same date of  any lunar month always falls on the same day of a week and always coincides with the same Moon phase.

    Date 1 of each lunar month always falls on Monday and always coincides with a New Moon Day.

    The industrial month cycle of the enterprises (the beginning - the end of performance of the month plan) on the basis of the given calendar goes synchronously with a natural lunar cycle.

    Memorials, birthdays, religious and national holidays, seasonal works, historical chronology   etc. are taken into account in the World Dual PETIN-METON Calendar in accordance with a built-in solar calendars, for example, Gregorian or any other traditional national calendar.


    The World Dual PETIN-METON  Calendar  most correctly displays the sequences of natural cycles of time (terrestrial day, lunar month, solar year), which millennia ago were taken by mankind for the world units of measurements of  big time intervals.

    The accuracy of the World Dual PETIN-METON Calendar:

            - a lunar-solar calendar is within limits of -1,20 to +1,61 days during 380 380 years - http://Petin6Mikhail.narod.ru/index.htm ,

     аа     - a solar calendar is analogous to the accuracy of the Gregorian solar calendar.  

    In the new calendar the lacks of known solar, lunar and lunar-solar calendars are eliminated. The calendar in the best way displays the seen movements of heavenly bodies: the Sun, the Moon and the Earth; it is suitable for the use by any religions.   

   The World Dual PETIN-METON Calendar unites people, promotes strengthening of peace between peoples and religions.     

 Note.    1. The descriptions of the World Dual PETIN-METON Calendar are on the web-sites:

ааааааааааааааааааа http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/index.htmааа - short description,

ааааааааааааааааааа http://Petin1Mikhail.narod.ru/index.htm  - complete description.     


              2.   http://mpetin.narod.ru       -  Russian text.    

              3. Other Calendar-reform ideas are on the web-sites:


аhttp://www.hermetic.ch/lcef/lcef.htmаа - EXACT software to find lunar phases and eclipses on 48 meridians of the Earth, to convert calendar dates etc.
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Contents Ц http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/index.htmааа


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