The instruction on using the calendar


           1.     The PETIN-METON Calendar 2005 [ see, for example,  Months 12(2004) - 1(2005) ]  include  3 calendars, out of which:

                  -    two  calendars are basic:

                               -    lunar-solar;

                               -    solar;

                  -    third calendar is auxiliary, for example:

                               -    solar Gregorian calendar [but there  can be any local

                                    calendar (national,  religious etc)] .   


2.        Inside each box on lines:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Lunaday 

there are 3 indicators  accordingly showing:

                       a)       the right top corner of a box:

                             -   a date of a solar year [the annual continuous numbering of dates

                                   within the limits from 1 up to 365 (366) days concerning the date

                                   of  Southern solstice December, 21, see Table 1 of Enclosure -      


                       b)       in the middle of a box:

                             -  a date of a lunar month [numbering of dates within the limits from 1 to up 29 (30) days

concerning a lunar phase -  the New Moon,  see  Table 3 of Enclosure -


                      c)       in the bottom of the box:

                           -   a date of an auxiliary calendar (for example,  the solar Gregorian calendar).


3. Terms and symbols are placed on the web-page




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