ааааа Calendar 2007 -а Dual PETIN-METON Civil Calendar (solar + lunar-solar)

ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа containing the Hilal date.


The variant of a new World Calendar (civil) for 2007 is below recommended as:


Lunationа 1а 2007аааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/1-LA.pdfаа

ааааа Уааааааа 2ааа Уаааааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/2-LB.pdfаа

аааа аУааааааа 3ааа Уаааааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/3-LA.pdfааааааааа

ааааа Уааааааа 4ааа Уаааааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/4-LB.pdfаааааааа

ааааа Уааааааа 5ааа Уаааааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/5-LA.pdfаааааааа

ааааа Уааааааа 6ааа Уаааааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/6-LB.pdfаааааааа

ааааа Уааааааа 7ааа Уаааааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/7-LA.pdfааааааааа

ааааа Уааааааа 8ааа Уаааааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/8-LB.pdfааааааа

ааааа Уааааааа 9ааа Уаааааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/9-LA.pdfа аа

ааааа Уаааааа 10аа Уаааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/10-LB.pdfааааааа

ааааа Уаааааа 11аа Уаааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/11-LA.pdfаааааааа

ааааа Уаааааа 12аа Уаааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/12-LB.pdfааааааааа

ааааа Уаааааа 13аа Уаааааа -а http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/13-LA.pdfаааа



аа The given Dual PETIN-METON Civil Calendar (solar + lunar-solar) is created according to the principles

specified in УTerms and symbolsФ ( http://CalendarPetin-Meton.narod.ru/terms.htmаа ).

This calendar differs from the Gregorian Calendar by the following advantages, i.e.:


а-ааааа it shows a new structure of a calendar lunar cycle (7+8+7+8 and 7+8+7+7 days) and anаааа

ааааааа acting nowа 7 day week,         

-      it is not required to introduce the "special" dates.

аааааа Dates 15 and 30 of the lunar months are the same  

ааааа  usual integral days of the week, as are all others,

-      the duration of months is unified - 29 and 30 days,

-    а  the structure of months is constant and easily remembered,

-       the lengths of lunar years are reduced from six values

ааааааа up to three: 354, 355, 384 days,

-аааааа the quantity of working days in each month  is constant (24 days

when a 6 day working week applies and 20 days when a 5 day working

week applies),

-  а    the months, quarters of years  and years begin and finish

ааааааа at the same days of a week,

-аааааа the dates of months and weekdays are synchronized withа phases

of the Moon (with the rotation of the Moon around the Earth), which

allows to take into account the workerТs efficiency in production 

connected with the biorhythms, arising under the influence of the Moon,

-аааааа the new calendar is more convenient for women,

аthan the Gregorian Calendar,

-  аа   all calendar cycles:

           - the day,

           - the lunation (lunar month),

           - the solar year,

           - the Meton cycle (19 solar years),

           - the Grand Meton cycle (6479 solar years)а -а

        correspond to the natural rotation periods of heavenly bodies

аааааа (the Sun, the Moon, the  Earth )  relative to each other,

-ааааа each Grand Meton cycle is attached to the precise heavenly

time reference points ofа time (orientirs), i.e. the moments of

the mutual position of the Sun, the Moon, the Earth when 

the Southern solstice, the solar eclipse and midday are

simultaneously observed and when the solar eclipse will be

repeated through the lunation period.

            Such next in turn combination of mutual positions of theа

ааааааа above mentioned heavenly bodies took place on

ааааааа December 20, 1786 with the subsequent repeated solar

ааааааа eclipse on January 19, 1787. See the web-site:

аааааааа http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/eclipse/SEcat/SEcatalog.htmlа  .

-ааааа correction of discrepancy of lunar and solar years concerning

ааааааа the calendar structure and also between themselves is simple;

ааааааа it can be carried out by high precision compensating methods.


ааа The Dual PETIN-METON Calendar is the answer to

a question on a calendar reform which was raised in 1953

in the United Nations under the initiative of the India delegation,а

аwhich had offered Уto ratify for whole of the world a new, uniform and

аconstant calendar, astronomically coordinated with the movement of

the Earth around the Sun which be more correct, scientifically reasonable

and favourable, as compared with the Gregorian calendarФ. 


 аа The account of lunar months and solar years in theа Dual

PETIN-METON Calendar creates conditions for rapprochement

of religious traditions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism etc.,

based on the most ancient observation of the seen movements of

the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.

 а  Being guided by the preservation of an invariance of each

religious doctrine, and also the principles of friendly mutual relations,

one can hope that spiritual academies of different countries will

consider an opportunity of application of the new solar + lunar-solar

calendar in their states as the World Calendar.  


  а Expansion of cultural, trading, technical and telecommunication

connections between peoples (especially the rapid development

of the Internet-network in recent years) facilitates the calendar

reform, which is of great international value.


Please, see also:

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